January 22nd, 2017

48 - Friends Only (Welcome Post)

I wanna thank all of the people who have added me and allowed me to be a part of their writing world so far. It's a real honor and a privilege to read your journals and to have you read mine as well.

If you are reading this and not already a friend I welcome you to add me at your discretion. I don't discriminate. All people are welcome.

About this journal and about me:

My name is Steve. I'm a twenty-nine year old college educated, black, straight-edge, socialist loner from northern CT, USA. I like anime, cartoons books, movies, all kinds of music except country but mostly heavy metal and reggae, bright colors, astronomy, mysticism, philosophy, math, and learning about cultures different from my own. I have no pets but I support animal rights activists and environmental & wildlife protection programs. I have two jobs that have nothing to do with what I went to school for but because of economic disparities in America, I'm still happy to have. Romantically I'm queer and that's all I have to say about that at this point.

In this journal I write about being a loner, my struggles to find love and companionship, politics and philosophy, poetry about various topics, being depressed, friendship and family, anime, music, cartoons, nature, astronomy, dark short stories with no point, short vague book reviews, stupid things people say in life, various stereotypes that need to die, and occasionally vague vapid nonsense about my daily life.

Tags: I haven't collected too many memories on here, but my tags are different. All my tags are colors. Generally the brighter the colors, the deeper the feelings expressed or manifested in the journal entry or in my heart while I was writing it. Ideally yellow would be the brightest and most significant. Then pink, gold, orange, white, and peach, and then green and so on...... Most entries tags will involve the use of multiple colors.

Fandoms:animes, adult cartoons, children's cartoons on PBS kids, respective shows from yester year and movies that are deep as hell. Ex: Hunter X Hunter, FLCL, Rick & Morty, ATHF,  Family Guy, WordGirl, Authur,  Trolls, The Sunset Limited, and Black Mass.

(That's just the fandoms so far and a few upcoming at the time this is written)

Also: If I add you, you can find more pics of me on entry #35. All my entries are numbered for consistency. If you're a friend feel free to message me whenever. You can ask whatever you want. No questions are off limits. I've been on lj in some form or fashion since 2003. I've made and met lots of friends from on here over the years and hope that trend continues. I always like making new friends.

So with all that being said. Welcome and happy reading. :)